Brett Favre Cheats On Wife With Reporter And Playboy Pinup Jenn Sterger, Also Send Penis Photos To This Mistress


Husband, father and grandfather and former Green Bay Packers and New York Jets quarterback Brett Favre 'allegedly' sent photos of his penis to former Jets reporter and Playboy pinup Jenn Sterger in an attempt to woo her back in 2008, but thanks to the miracle of the Internet, you get to see his wiener, too. And Brett Favre is said to have a list of mistresses more so than Tiger Woods! OMG! NO FUCKING WAY! Is that even possible? One of the top celebrity scandal attorneys said to reporters, "I have been approached by numerous females claiming that they have had affairs with Brett Favre." Rumors about Brett Favre sexting and sexually harassing a sideline reporter may sound too far fetched especially for some hardcore Brett Favre fans. That is until you meet Jenn Sterger (check out the Jenn Sterger Playboy pics below) and her two artificially enhance twins. Then you will see why most men, even Brett Favre, would be powerless. Turns out that 'harassing' was flirting because she was his mistress in New York before he left for Minnesota.

And like the Tiger Woods' mistresses, Jenn Sterger want a big pay day. Sterger's manager, Phil Reese, has issued a statement that Sterger wants a "proper resolution" that is in her "best interest" which undoubtedly means that she want money. So Favre has to make the prudent decision to write a check aimed at securing a commitment to full confidentiality. Yeah, Jenn has based her whole career on her sex appeal and Brett fell for the pussy trap like a dumb football player. She is no longer his mistress since he left the Jets to join the Vikings so she is going back to the old well for the big payout. Pictures of what are believed to be Brett Favre's private parts that Favre allegedly took of himself and then sent to a fellow Jets employee Jenn Sterger were leaked a few weeks ago. Along with some interesting and very horny voicemails... Fox News report:

[There was also a] string of missives and voice mails in an attempt by the married Favre to charm buxom brunette beauty Jennifer Sterger, who is currently a co- host of “The Daily Line.”

The voice mails and MySpace messages — as well as three raunchy pictures of a man’s genitals — were posted in a cringe-inducing two-minute video on the sports blog

The gravelly voice caught on tape sounds remarkably like the quarterback propositioning Sterger, 26, a former Playboy pinup, in voice mails from 2008, when both were with [the Jets].

Note to Brett Farve! You are a married man dude... Not to even mention leaving photographic evidence to be used against you in divorce court is not very bright. And who in the hell send pictures of his flaccid (see NSFW dick pictures after the NSFW topless chick pictures below) penis anyway? A limp penis drooping to one side just looks sad and defeated, like a quarterback who just threw an overtime interception in a NFC playoff game. Needless to say, the idiots at the NFL have launched an investigation into this scandal. What is there to investigate? The woman (mistress) has yet to file a compliment with the NFL and they know a lot of their players have mistresses and ill-thought out voicemails and text message so why open the flood gate?

Anyway, here is the good part of the whole 'Brett Favre Penis Gate' mess that finally forced us to post this story. The good part is that we get to see the topless titties of Brett's mistress or 'alleged' mistress Jenn Sterger from her college days. Apparently she spend a lot of time showing off her huge fake boobs as a student at Florida State University. She was a journalism major in college, preparing for her professional career when she decided to do a nude test shoot for Playboy. These Jenn Sterger topless pictures sure do show off the finer journeyman skills of this depth sports reporter. And, lets throw in a few sexy Jenn Sterger Maxim photos and a few huge cleavage candids from her FSU days just to be sure we were covering all her angles, like a good journalist should. Brett Farve's penis is at the very end... Click on pictures to enlarge.

From Maxim:

FSU college cleavage days:

Brett's penis:


Brett Favre's alleged voicemails! In the video here (parts of which are NSFW due to penis photos at 2:08 mark), you'll see and hear all the strange messages Jenn Sterger received from someone she said is Brett Favre:

The Taiwanese media have been working overtime this week to pump out yet another great piece of pop culture CGI via this video of the Brett Favre penis gate story:

(In case you want to debate which one is better, here is the Tiger Woods CGI video.)


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Jennifer "Jenn" Lynette Sterger (born November 29, 1983 in Miami, Florida, U.S.A) is a model and television personality, and former online columnist for Sports Illustrated. In August 2008, the New York Jets hired her to be the "Gameday Host" for the team. Sterger has upcoming minor roles in two films scheduled to be released in 2010, The Tenant and Don't Fade Away.


Brett Lorenzo Favre (pronounced /ˈfɑrv/; born October 10, 1969 in Gulfport, Mississippi, U.S.A.) is an American football quarterback in the National Football League. He is a 20-year veteran, having started at quarterback for the Green Bay Packers (1992–2007) and Minnesota Vikings (2009–present). He also played a single season each for the Atlanta Falcons (1991) and New York Jets (2008). Favre is the only quarterback in NFL history to throw for over 70,000 yards and the only quarterback to ever throw over 500 touchdowns.

Favre started at the quarterback position for the University of Southern Mississippi for four years before being selected in the second round of the 1991 NFL Draft by Atlanta (33rd overall). He was traded to Green Bay on February 10, 1992, for the 19th pick in the 1992 NFL Draft.

Favre became the Packers' starting quarterback in the fourth game of the 1992 season, and started every game through the 2007 season. He was traded to the New York Jets and started at quarterback for the 2008 season before signing with the Vikings on August 18, 2009 as their starting quarterback. He has made an NFL record 289 consecutive starts (313 including playoffs).


Elisabetta Canalis Braless Nipple Slip On Italian Television


You may know Elisabetta Canalis as the hot Italian girlfriend of George Clooney but she is now also known as that hot chick flashing her nipple on TV. Earlier this week, Elisabetta appeared on the Italian satirical news show Artu and kinda flash her nipple as the result of a wardrobe malfunction. Yeah, they are calling wearing a revealing ultra low-cut dress minus a bra a "wardrobe malfunction" these days. So basically Clooney's girlfriend willingly showed off her perfect nipple on Italian television for the viewing pleasure of millions for no apparent reason. Other than for the extensive media attention of course but I think I am being too cynical here. The nipple slip also made it into some Italian tabloids for anyone who missed to get a look for themselves. Anyway, she does have some nice nipples so thank you George Clooney! Unfortunately these screen shots are poor quality but the good quality of Elisabetta's nipple should make up for it. Click on pictures to enlarge.


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Elisabetta Canalis (born September 12, 1978 in Sassari, Sardinia, Italy) is an Italian model and actress. A popular personality on Italian television, Canalis had very minor roles in the films Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo and Virgin Territory

She was also a "velina" in one of Italy's most popular television shows, Striscia la notizia. In 2007, she hosted the annual music festival, Festivalbar. From May 16, 2009, she is the new co-host of the Italian version of Total Request Live.


Krystal Ball Sucking On Dildo At 'Naughty' Christmas Party Leaked Photos Political Scandal


This election season just got a little dirty. Krystal Ball (note: that is her real name...her birth name), a Democratic candidate for Congress in Virginia, has become enraged over racy photos of her sucking on a dildo that recently got leaked onto the net. The 28-year-old Ball believes that the photos were leaked by her opponents in the campaign, the Whitman camp. The set of relatively NSFW photos released that display the evening at a "naughty" Christmas party (a what?) with Krystal at the center of attention. Performing fellatio on a fake penis will tend to get you a lot of attention. Last Tuesday, she gave NBC12 her first interview about the raunchy photos. "This is not certainly the way I would hoped to be portrayed," Ball said. Here is Ball talking about the leaked photos:

On the bright side, Krystal Ball's name recognition soars following the explicit party pics.... Pictured with a sex toy, and leading a man around on a leash, Virginia's first district, congressional candidate Krystal Ball has gone from a little-known politician, to a national media star. In the photos, taken at a Christmas party...a "naughty" Christmas party with her then-husband but to be ex, Ball is skimpily clad wearing a black spaghetti strap tank top and red skirt, and in some of the pictures she is leading her now ex-husband on a leash, who is wearing a Rudolph costume with a little red dildo on his nose. For some reason, I believe there are a whole lot more photos and perhaps videos where this leak came from or in the closet of the ex-husband but I don't think he is the source of this particular leak. And it seems like she would be up for some girl-on-girl action too.

These photos were taken six years ago and have her dressed as a 'Sexy Santa Helper' in a Santa hat and what at first seem like leotard. Ball claims they were taken just after she had graduated from college. Ball has blamed her opponent, Republican Rep. Rob Whitman, but Whitman stated in The Hill newspaper that he had nothing to do with it and said that he wished that the blogger that original posted the raunchy images to take them down. Calling the photos part of a sexist smear campaign that she claims was perpetrated by her opponent Rob Wittman, Ball recently sat down with Fox News for an interview with report Megyn Kelly. Ball defended the photos by saying that she and her husband were "horsing around" and that she really had no idea that she would ever be involved in politics. She also said that the incident was simply an the act of being a "college moron." 'They wanted to make me feel like a whore," Ball said, about the posting of the photographs. "It was tremendously hurtful."

Krystal has been the focus of a lot of attention lately, after photographs taken of her posing with her former husband at a Christmas party were leaked to the internet. The photos first appeared on a popular political blog last week and have since been removed. And here is the best part (other than the pics) which should cum as no surprise. Former President Bill Clinton has come to the defense of the embattled female congressional candidate. Since pictures of candidate Ball have surfaced that show her in compromising positions many have abandoned her in her attempt to win office. But not President Clinton... Bill Clinton endorses Krystal Ball for the 1st Congressional District of Virginia:

“I stand firmly behind Miss Ball” said Clinton. “It is time we erect the hard principles of the Democratic party in this district and Miss Ball is the one who raises my admiration.”

LOL... that was just a joke, he didn't really say that but it does sound like something he would say after seeing these pics with the little dildo in her mouth. But I am certain Bill Clinton is trying to get in touch with Krystal because she put Miss. Monica Lewinsky to shame. And to me,
Krystal Ball is even better looking today than she was 6-years-ago when the now scandalous photos were taken. Anyway, with a name like Krystal Ball she should have saw this coming." To some extent this is true. Anyone who runs for office has a risk of having embarrassing things come out. Her parents have an awful sense of humor...really awful! By the way, this is the first time I am have ever heard about a "naughty" Christmas party. I thought these leaked pics were from a Halloween party or 'naughty' Halloween part but in one of her interviews she clearly called it a Christmas party and all reports call it a Christmas party.

By the way, metadata tags on the photos indicate they were taken on January 14, 2002. Interestingly,
Krystal Ball and her husband arrive at 9:07 PM and things got increasingly more raunchy as the night went on with the last photo we have of the evening shot at 10:17 PM. I am guessing that is when the sex started. I mean, what kind of Christmas party take place on January 14 so late at night with sexy outfits and dildo sex toys with only four people in attendance? Or should I ask, what kinda "naughty" Christmas party? The kind with wife swapping! Or should we call it swinging? There are a whole lot more swinger photos and perhaps a sex tape where these came from. Yeah right, a Christmas costume party in January and only the two guest are wearing costumes. A party with only 2 females and two males and no one else in sight! These pics were leaked to scare her a little but I am guessing the person (most likely the other man at the party that is unseen and mostly the boyfriend of the woman seen in the white top) behind the leaked doesn't have the balls to release the hardcore stuff. Click on pictures to enlarge.

That tarty chick above has blossom into this beautiful woman below. You know, I wouldn't give the time of the day 6-years-ago but just look at her now:

Here she is with her current hubby:

Here are some funny Krystal Ball signs, posters, logos and billboards. That name is a great joke to play on a human being... And no, her name is not Crystal Ball cause that would just be going too far:

Here is the story on Red Eye, watch:


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Krystal Marie Ball (born November 24, 1981 in King George County, Virginia, U.S.A.), is a businesswoman and politician. She is currently the Democratic nominee in Virginia's 1st congressional district election, 2010.