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Letter from reader: The Five Stars owners deserve to go to hell

Dear SG Hall Of Shame,

Yesterday news broke that Five Stars Tour closed down leaving many of their customers stranded and distraught. How can a tour agency who have been around for such a long time resort to such despicable and irresponsible methods of operation?

Even though the liquidation was sudden, their financial woes must have started very much earlier and despite this, Five Stars continued to take orders and collect deposits for these impossible to deliver promises. Now, they expect customers to claim either claim travel insurance or approach the Small Claims Tribunal?!

This is extremely unethical and I am even more disgusted when the directors of Five Stars Tours are living a lap of luxury despite the dire financial situation of the company.

Now they have apologised to all on national newspaper, but if they are really apologetic, why are they still collecting money and deposit from customers till they very last day they are closing???

These owners are unscrupulous and they deserve to go to hell. Many customers are not very rich and using their hard-earned money, they only wish to bring their love ones to Malaysia or some nearby countries.

For all Singaporeans who have been affected, you must find the owners of Five Stars Tours and demand for a full refund! When will these unscrupulous businessman learn that Singaporeans are not to be trifled with?

Five Stars Tour Pte Ltd CEO's name is Johnny Lim Cheng Onn and according to business contacts, he lives at Horizon Green Condominium in Ang Mo Kio.

His brother Lim Cheng Chuan Ken who is a shareholder of Five Stars Tour is also the Managing Director of Singapore company Gunung Raya Travel Pte Ltd. Gunung Raya Travel is situated at Boon Lay Shopping Centre #02-124, 221 Boon Lay Place (S)640221.

The other shareholders of Five Stars Tours are Peck Choon Lan, Lim Cheng Tee, Lim Ching Chwee, Lim Cheng Hoe, Lim Soon Ai and Lim Soon Ean.

Please share this information with customers who have been affected so that they may find these owners and get back their hard earned money!

Thank you!

Tan Khay See

Editor Note on 11 Jan: Konsortium Express is one of the companies where customers affected by the closure of Five Stars Travel can buy discounted bus tickets. But Konsortium is actually owned by the same Lim Family that operate Five Stars. So consumers basically have to buy two bus tickets from the same company. Would CASE do anything about this? Or nothing can be done due to Singapore's pro-business laws?