Dania Londono Suarez Is The Woman That Triggered The Secret Service Prostitution Scandal


Here are some photos of the hooker at the heart of the Secret Service Colombian sex scandal that is rocking Washington D.C. with new sultry details each day. Dania Londoño Suárez is the name of the so-called "high-class escort" that has stuck a blow to the Secret Service.

24-year-old single mother of one helped trigger the scandal when she complained loudly in a lobby of the Hotel Caribe early in the morning on April 12 that a Secret Service agent staying there failed to pay her $800 price for sex. He offered only $30 instead. Dania demanded the money and hotel staff called the police to resolve the situation. And from there it exploded into the first major Secret Service scandal. You can view her "dating" profile on medellinwomen.com here.

ID: 110446



City: Cartagena
Birth Date:
Capricorn, Ox
128lb, 58kg
5'2", 157cm
Measurements cm:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Marital Status:
1 - boy, 7
Christian (Catholic)
Job Title:
Cooking, films
Spanish (native)

Self Description: I am a simple woman, with many values and I love the respect, honesty and sincerity.

Comments: I want a romatic man with good intentions, loving and very respectful.

Several U.S. Secret Service agents have already lost their jobs when they were fired, two more resigned and another three agents are said to be on their way out following the hookergate sexual tryst in Cartagena, Colombia.
Last week reports were that she hired a lawyer because she is planning to sue the unknown Secret Service agent. And her lawyer, Marlon Betancourt, is said to negotiating interviews with her with various media outlets for money. So this scandal is not going anywhere anytime soon..

The Hotel Caribe is epicenter of this prostitution scandal involving 12 U.S. Secret Service agents and 11 U.S. military men: six from the Army, two from the U.S. Marine Corps, two from the Navy and one from the Air Force. And according to some reports, almost 30 prostitutes are involved. The news is the Secret Service agent that hired Dania Suarez for the night found her at a nightclub known for picking up hookers.

The Pley Club is where the Secret Service agents allegedly met the women who accompanied them back to the hotel. Prostitution is legal in Colombia, and escorts, hookers and streetwalkers crowd the streets of the tourist districts. Dania Londono Suarez and another "friend" who was at the hotel on that infamous night have gone into hiding because of the media frenzy said neighbors in her upscale Cartagena neighborhood and due to her photos being made public and sure to go viral.

Anyway, hookers don't cost $800 per night in Columbia no matter how "high-class escort" as she says. The average Colombian household earns about $287 a month. So, most likely after spending a night with the Secret Service agent and learning that he is linked to the Secret Service she realized she could get much more money out of him using the feared of being exposed. The Secret Service agent paced him self in a compromising position and the hooker took advantage of it but he did not realize she had him by the balls. He should have paid the inflated price and save himself the trouble but these guys are not fit for positions in the Secret Service. The dude got himself and his co-agents taken down by a Colombian hooker thus he was not fit to protect the president. Click on pictures to enlarge!

The Hotel Caribe, epicenter of the scandal:

The Pley Club, nightclub/brothel where the agents got the hookers:

Website of the Pley Club, totally a prostitution focus enterprise:

Room at the Hotel Caribe, scene o the action:

Lobby at the Hotel Caribe, scene of the confrontation:

Resort area in Cartagena:



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Holly Peers Big Boobs Outtakes From The 101 Topless Babes Photoshoot For Nuts


Here is Holly Peers in all her glory in the "101 Topless Babes" photoshoot for Nuts magazine. Yep, Holly Peers is showing off her big boobs in Nuts once again and bringing joy to all by leading a upcoming special with 101 babes also showing off their boobs. She is at her best when she is topless, seductive, and topless while posing for a shoot. And judging form these outtakes and raws, we cannot wait much longer to see her in the full special and all the other 100 topless babes at www.Nuts.co.uk or on the newsstand. Enjoy! Click on images to enlarge.

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Tulisa Contostavlos Heart Shapes Printed Panty Upskirt


Here is Tulisa Contostavlos revealing the panty upskirt while heading home at 4:00 AM after leaving The Project Club in London. Yeah man, Tulisa Contostavlos is one girl who sure know how to have a good time. And it seems the X Factor UK judge was enjoying herself a bit too much as she stumbled out of the nightclub at 4 in the morning last Friday. As she left Mayfair nightspot in the early hours, the singer ended up needing a helping hand as she tripped while making her way to the waiting car. She wore a very short multi-colored strapless bandeau dress that could not possibly reveal anymore cleavage and underneath the dress she wore white panties with red heart shape prints covering it. This heart shape print would make for a nice wrapping on a guy's next birthday gift especially if it is covering something similar.

In other Tulisa news, she has obtained an injunction in the UK banning the sale or broadcast of the short sex-tape online of herself performing oral sex on an ex-boyfriend. And is reportedly suing Justin Edwards (aka MC Ultra) for £100,000, accusing him of being behind the leak of the video, a claim he vehemently denies. She told the Guardian: 'I slept on the bathroom floor for seven days ... I just wouldn't go out of the house. I couldn't sleep. 'Didn't really want to eat anything. But I snapped out of it. I knew what I was doing. I knew in my head that I was depressed; I knew why I was depressed.'It was all logical. I didn't want to smile. I didn't want to be happy ... It was like a level of mourning, do you know what I mean?' Tulisa conceded she needed to take a step back to have her 'tears and tantrums' and 'bad moods'.

Yup, so we can all be a bit happier for her because it seems she is feeling a lot better since she is out clubbing again. And Thank goodness that injunction that banned on the leaked Tulisa oral sex video is only affecting websites based in the UK jurisdiction alone because we were one of the first to share it and you can still download it right here for free. LOL... Anyway, sadly her pussy was not seen in the interesting leaked blowjob video. So many guys are still wanting to see that hot clam of hers. It will happen sooner or later but for now guys are going to have to make due with panty upskirt shots like the photos below taken by the paparazzi. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

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